It takes getting everything you ever wanted, and then loosing it to know what true freedom is. -Lana Del Rey

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"Life is like a majestic river flowing endlessly. We are logs floating harshly through the beautiful river. We are all trying to make our own impression on the waters surface. But just as every splash is made, it eventually ripples out and turns back to still water. When a log gets caught on a rock little ripples are made around it, but the majority of the river flows on. All of our logs will stop floating one day whether we are beached on a shore somewhere, caught on a harsh rock, or we just stop floating. The river flows on. So I ask you why? Why do we ruin the peaceful river with our splashes and thrashing. When will the river return to peace."

- Poem by Lindsey Clark

"At thirteen I started crying as silently as my wrists
started bleeding. I never understood why I always
felt too heavy, like I was buried under bricks and no
matter how much weight I lost, I felt like I took up too
much space in this room, in this world. I never
understood why I pushed the word sadness out of my
mind and convinced myself that I was fine even when
I was sitting in a bathtub full of my own blood. I never
understood why I walked around with a mask that some
people called a smile, and why I always felt like a fraud
at the end of the day. I never understood the way happiness
was suppose to feel and how people could call it a choice
because fuck, if it is a choice I wouldn’t be staring at the
walls wondering why I’m even breathing. I never felt loved
and I thought it was something I’d feel after letting him into
my bed, but after kissing boys whose lips I knew better than
their own personality, I still felt nothing but numb. I never understood why I was afraid of the doctor and afraid of
being told I was clinically depressed. The day the news
broke I still didn’t comprehend it, was I going to be like
this forever?
Four years later, two medications, sessions of therapy,
my wrists no longer bleed but my soul does.
I’m seventeen now, and I still don’t understand."

- i.c. // ”clinically depressed” (via delicatepoetry)


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ANGST (2012)
by Skyler Brown

I get it, I am not good enough.